Dubai World knowledge-based initiative links science and technology with economy

02 March 2008

TechnoPark, the science and technology facilitator of Economics Zones World, today revealed details of the Dubai Institute of Technology (DIT), an initiative that is set to become a world-class research, technological development and innovation centre. DIT will act as a platform to facilitate the integration of scientific research and technological development into the economy.

The DIT comprises of centres of excellence, research projects, interactive forums involving world renowned scientists and technology experts, training programmes and high-level science and technology events.

One of the most ambitious of TechnoPark initiatives, DIT will set up infrastructures to promote R&D.  The clusters of excellence will focus on areas in science and technology that are relevant to the region.  DIT aims to establish market-oriented support systems to help the core sector. It will support Small & Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to encourage entrepreneurship, incubation, business accelerators, training and partnerships.

Speaking about the DIT, Mr. Hamad Al Hashemi, Managing Director TechnoPark said: “This is a dream project for TechnoPark, and has been a core part of the TechnoPark initiative. The DIT will be a major step towards achieving what H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, described in his vision as a knowledge-based tomorrow to help the future generation. TechnoPark is eager to see the DIT becoming the hub where science and technology meet the needs of the market.”

“The main objective of this initiative is to bridge the gap between those who generate technology and those who generate businesses and investments. This coming together will create strong, innovative, technology-based businesses able to compete worldwide. Such linkages will consequently support further technology research and development.”

Al Hashemi added: “The DIT is certain to be a landmark in the region’s R&D map. We foresee this initiative becoming the pride of Dubai as an excellent scientific hub. TechnoPark has chalked very ambitious plans for the DIT. We are sure that it the DIT will benefit all the key sectors of the society, including business, education, research and development.”

TechnoPark has been working on the project since March 2007, when it signed an MoU with Boston University College of Engineering that called for cooperative research in the field of high technology.

Since that first step, the Dubai World-owned technology facilitator has entered into a string of MoUs with renowned institutions and technology companies, including the University of Texas (Austin), Fraunhofer-Gesellscaft of Germany, IBM, Intel Corporation, Muscat-based Middle East Desalination Research Center, the UAE University, the World Association of Industrial & Technical Research Organization (WAITRO), and the Gulf Research Center.

TechnoPark is also working closely with the Arab Science & Technology Foundation to create networking, awareness, funding and capacity building across the Arab world in diverse fields.

Each of these prestigious institutions will be collaborating with TechnoPark in a specialized field of operation to turn Dubai into a truly knowledge-based society.