DIT is the research and development initiative of Economic Zones World (EZW) under TechnoPark. It symbolizes Dubai vision to develop a knowledge-based technology-centric sustainable business hub, which will not only support the country’s research and development needs in its core sectors but will also support the nation’s long term economic development and growth.

Leading Dubai science and technological research development strategy by providing the appropriate environment, DIT would attract and enhance direct investment in manufacturing and ‘research and development’ facilities with key focus on appropriate advanced technologies related to Water, Health, Energy, Engineering and Logistics/ Mobility.


“Creating an Ecosystem that supports Science, Technology & Innovation to lead the region towards a value-based knowledge society.”


To develop technologies (R&D): focused on a limited number of research areas corresponding to major fields of the progress of knowledge and technology. With “a solving approach” activities answer to market needs and major socio-economic challenges facing the region.

To deliver services (R&D): maximize the impact of R&D; pool all the capacities of the regional S&T system, and integrate science and technology in the economy.

The DIT Framework consists of the DIT University, the DIT R&D-Convention Center and Science Museum, the DIT Services (including Business Development, Policy Advice for R&D, IP Management, Incubator, Investment and Professional Services) as well as the Dubai Institute for Sustainability as DIT own research institute.

The DIT Strategic Research Areas include Water, Health, Energy, Engineering, Logistics/ Mobility and Social Economic Studies.